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Black ice causes serious accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Jan 2011
By: Flager & Associates

The road looks safe. The next thing you know, your car spins out of control, perhaps slamming into a tree or even another vehicle. How did this happen? Blame black ice. Drivers around the world know all too well how quickly melting snow can re-freeze and turn a wet road into an ice rink. That’s exactly what happened recently outside of Philadelphia nearby in New Jersey. Two drivers in Ewing Township, N.J. lost control of their cars on black ice and slammed into each other, sending three people to the hospital.

Black ice can be deceptive. The road looks wet, but it’s really frozen solid. That’s often why drivers lose control of their car on black ice. They never even realize there’s ice on the road until it’s too late.

Experts estimate that black ice covered roads result in five times more accidents than clear roads. And if you’re trying to stop on black ice, good luck. It takes nine times as long to stop on black ice as it does to stop on a clear road, according to road safety experts.

Black ice accidents happen fast. What would you do if you were involved in a black ice car accident? What if you were injured? What if you couldn’t work? How would you pay your medical bills? You need someone familiar with serious car accidents. You need someone who gets results. You need Flager & Associates.

Our lawyers have years of experience fighting for car accident victims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We understand how traumatic accidents can be for people. Let us deal with the red tape so you can focus on your recovery.

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