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A Close Look at Motor Vehicle Accidents and Teenagers

Jun 2014
By: Flager & Associates

Four years ago, a Philadelphia teen was pinned against a wall by an out-of-control car, losing her left leg above the knee and breaking numerous bones. According to ABC 6, the teenager faced years of struggle to recover from her injuries. She was rewarded when she not only graduated from high school but when she walked across the stage at her graduation. She was one of the lucky ones, because many teenagers who are involved in accidents are killed or are left with injuries that make it impossible for them to have a normal future. mortarboard-1444330-m

In 2012 alone, 2,439 teenagers were killed in auto accidents on U.S. roads. Just over half of the teenagers who were killed (a total of 56 percent) were driving their vehicles at the time of their death, while 44 percent of the young people killed were passengers. More than half of the teens who died did not have their seat belts on at the time.

The General Motors Foundation conducted an in-depth study to learn why so many young people are dying in collisions. The study has been published and is titled “Teens in Cars.

Understanding the causes of teen car accidents is important so collisions can be prevented. Those injured in student accidents also need to understand their legal rights, as victim of collisions can take legal action to obtain compensation from those responsible. An attorney from Flager & Associates can help those who have been harmed to pursue a claim for damages.

Understanding Student Accidents

The Teens in Cars report was based on a national survey of 1,000 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19. According to the report:

  • One in four teenagers who were surveyed said that they did not wear a seat belt on every ride.
  • Teens who did not use seat belts were more likely to admit to texting while driving than teens who buckle up. A total of 73 percent of teens who do not buckle up said they text compared to 52 percent of young people who wear belts.
  • 39 percent of teenagers said they have been in the car with a texting teen driver and 95 percent said they think other young people have done so.
  • 43 percent of teens said they’d been in a car with a teen driver who was talking on his phone.
  • More than half of the teenagers responding to the survey said they had seen their parents talking on the phone while they were driving and 28 percent had seen their parents text and drive.
  • 49 percent of teens indicated they felt unsafe when riding with a friend and 31 percent worried about their safety when riding with a parent.
  • Four in 10 teens indicated they asked the driver to stop if they thought he was driving dangerously, but the same number said they did not act.

These statistics show that a lot needs to be done to reduce the risk of death among young people. The 2,439 teens killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2012 was significantly higher than the 1,927 teens who died from homicides and 1,863 who died from suicides during the course of the same year. If teenagers practiced better safety and obeyed the rules, and if parents modeled good behavior and set clear rules for teen drivers, many of the motor vehicle accident deaths could likely be prevented.

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