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Designated Drivers Reduce Risk of Holiday Car Accidents in Delaware Valley

Dec 2013
By: Flager & Associates

Drunk driving accidents are always devastating, no matter what time of year they occur. For families of victims injured in car accidents around the holidays, however, what used to be a festive and happy time can end up being an occasion filled with sadness. 

Recently, for example, USA Today told the story of a 36-year-old teacher whose parents and grandmother were killed on Christmas Day in 2007 when a drunk driver hit the back of their vehicle. While victims of drunk driving crashes are typically able to file injury claims against the intoxicated motorist with the help of a drunk driving accident lawyer in Delaware Valley, the case discussed by USA Today got national attention because the drunk driver counter-sued the estate of the deceased (he didn’t win). This story is one of far-too-many tragic tales that happen because the holiday season is a time when many people celebrate with a few too many drinks and then drive home.

Every driver needs to understand the serious risks of holiday car accidents, and should make a commitment to avoid driving drunk at all costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives so no one needs to become a menace on the roads by getting behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit.

A Designated Driver Can Save Lives Over the Holidays – and Any Time

Certain times of the year are especially high-risk when it comes to drunk driving, and the holiday season is one of those times. Both Thanksgiving weekend and the days surrounding New Years have a disproportionately high number of drunk-driving accidents as people drive home after celebrating too much with alcohol.

Last year, however, the most dangerous time for motorists on the road was actually the period right before December 25th when people were rushing to get their holiday shopping done. According to the Center for Advanced Public Safety, there were 18 percent more crashes in the six-day period that includes Christmas as there were during Thanksgiving and there were 27 percent more crashes during this six day period than there were in the time surrounding New Years Day.

From Thanksgiving to New Years last year, a total of 1,091 people lost their lives in car accidents because of drunk drivers, leaving many families to cope with the unspeakable grief that never goes away. Those who are killed could have been spared and families could have avoided the grief if every reveler made a commitment to have a designated driver before going out and getting drunk.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) urges drivers to be smart around the year-end holidays, which their national president has described as a particular dangerous time for young drivers. Having a designated driver named in advance is one way to be smart, but if you don’t have a DD or your DD decides to have a drink, then you also have other options including calling for a cab or even a tow truck. Many states and local services provide either free or reduced taxi-cab rides, and towing services are also offered at low or no cost in some areas to help people who have been drinking to get home without killing or injuring themselves or others.

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