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Cell Phone Records Shed Light on Philadelphia Rear-End Crashes

Feb 2015
By: Flager & Associates

When a rear-end accident happens in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, an investigation may be conducted to determine who was to blame for causing the accident. Although rear drivers are typically considered at least partially at fault because they are expected to maintain a safe following distance and have enough space to stop, there may also be other motorists held accountable as well. cell-phone-1254846-m

A personal injury lawyer knows that there are many different things that go into an investigation of a rear-end accident. One of the most common things that law enforcement officers will look at is phone records.

Rear-End Accidents Involve Phone Records Searches

One recent rear-end accident made headlines because it involved reality star and former Olympian Bruce Jenner. According to ABC, the rear-end accident that Jenner was involved in was a chain reaction crash that involved a total of four vehicles. One of the motorist who was involved in the collision was killed in the crash.

The Claims Journal reports that the sheriff’s office investigating the case has requested that all of the drivers who were involved in the accident turn over phone records for the time that the crash occurred. Police frequently make this same request of motorists after rear-end collision as well as other types of crashes. If drivers do not respond to a request to produce phone records, the police may subpoena those records.

The purpose of obtaining the records is to determine if the motorist may have been either on the phone or texting at the time when the accident happened. Being on the phone or using it to send and read text messages can suggest that the driver was perhaps not paying careful attention to the road. This evidence could be used to make an assessment of whether the driver was at fault and should be held totally or partly liable for the accident.

It is easy for law enforcement officers to tell if a motorist was making a phone call when the accident happened. The records show the time and duration of calls, which can be compared to the time at which the accident happened.

It can be a little bit more challenging to determine if the driver was texting, since the texts only show the time when they arrived or were delivered and don’t show whether a motorist was typing or reading at the time of the crash. Still, law enforcement officers will look at the history of when text messages were sent or received in order to see if messages were being exchanged immediately before or during the time when the crash happened.

Since electronic devices behind the wheel do tend to make people much less safe drivers, records showing phone use can create strong circumstantial evidence that a person was responsible for rear-end crash or other type of collision.

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