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Could EZ Pass Help Philadelphia Drivers Slow Down?

Jan 2015
By: Flager & Associates

Drivers in Philadelphia, Conshohocken and surrounding areas can use EZ pass devices so they do not have to stop their vehicles to pay their tolls. Many people opt to have an EZ Pass in their car, because it is very convenient for them to do so. Recently, some states have been taking advantage of their relationship with EZ Pass to expand the things that these toll collection devices can do. In particular, three states in the United States have partnered with EZ Pass to monitor driver speeding and try to encourage motorists to slow down on highways. smart-456070-m

A personal injury lawyer knows that speeding remains a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal motor vehicle collisions. If effective steps can be taken to convince motorists to monitor their speed more carefully and drive more slowly, this may be a positive step in the right direction toward increasing the safety of roadways.

Reducing the Risk of EZ-Pass Speeding Accidents

According to Fox News, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York are the first three states that have partnered with EZ Pass to begin using the toll collection devices to monitor driver speeds as they pass through toll plazas.

Under the current system in PA, drivers will not face tickets or the potential for points on their license if they go too quickly through a toll plaza and their EZ Pass detects their excessive speed. Instead, they will be in danger of losing their EZ Pass.

In Maryland, for example, a driver is allowed to travel at a speed of 30 miles-per-hour through toll plazas. If a driver exceeds this speed limit by 12 miles-per-hour on two separate occasions in a six-month period, that driver will face a 60-day suspension of EZ Pass.

The fact that EZ passes are now monitoring speed has raised concerns among some drivers, especially about the possibility that this could subsequently lead to ticketing drivers. Privacy concerns are also being raised.

While these concerns may be valid, it is also important to consider whether forcing drivers to reduce their speed could save lives. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has indicated that approximately a third of all motor vehicle accident deaths within the United States involve drivers who are going too fast for the road conditions and/or who are going over the posted speed limit. In 2012 alone, there were 10,219 motor vehicle collision fatalities that were attributed to speed-related motor vehicle crashes.

While minor local roads are the site of the highest number of deadly speeding accidents, freeways and interstates are the second most common site of fatal speeding crashes. A total of 30 percent of deadly accidents involving drivers going too fast occur on highways. In 2012, there were 1,185 freeway and interstate deaths due to speeding. Reducing the number of people who speed by using EZ Pass monitoring to force them to slow down could perhaps make the roads a lot safer and lives could be saved.

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