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Teens Learn about Distracted Driving Dangers from Grieving Father

Nov 2013
By: Flager & Associates

Distracted driving is a serious issue throughout the United States, and states have been cracking down and passing tougher laws in recent years. The Huffington Post reports that, while there were just 28 states with general texting bans applicable to all drivers in 2010, today there are 41 states that do not let drivers text behind the wheel. There are bans for at least some drivers in 47 states and DC, so it is almost universal that every location imposes at least some restrictions on texting. 

Even with these tougher laws, however, any texting and driving attorney in the  Delaware Valley knows that drivers still continue to text behind the wheel every day. Drivers also engage in other distracting behavior that takes the focus off of the road, like putting on makeup, drinking, eating, entering info into a GPS device, or reaching behind or across the seat to retrieve objects. Drivers do these things even knowing that distracted driving can be dangerous because most people don’t think that they will become one of the victims of distracted driving.

Drivers need to fully understand exactly what is at stake when they make the choice to drive distracted. One grieving father whose daughter was killed in a crash has made it his mission to teach young people about the dangers of distracted driving. As the Delaware County Daily Times reports, the father lost his daughter in 2009 when another motorist took his eyes off the road for just a second and reached over to his seat in order to get a GPS. The young girl was killed as she was legally crossing the street.

Grieving Father Teaches Kids about the Realities of Distracted Driving

The man whose daughter was killed in the crash has made presentations to more than 30,000 people in the past two years, including high schools throughout Delaware County. The last stop in his 2013 program was with students in the Family Career and Community Leaders of America program, as he hopes that these students will help spread the message that distracted driving is too risky.

Part of his presentation involves short films that reveal how his own daughter’s tragedy has changed the way her friends drove because they had to think about the fact that distracted driving really is deadly. The other film features a woman who was driving distracted and veered off the road and killed a man. The films are meant to drive home the point that anyone can be injured or killed in a distracted driving accident.

His message is one that many experts try to deliver each year to the motoring public. A recent article in the Huffington Post illustrated that distracted driving is something that “everyone does,” because most people routinely eat, talk on a phone or otherwise engage in distracting behavior without incident. As drivers repeatedly do these things whenever they drive, it reinforces their perception that a distracted driving crash could not happen to them.  Yet, even if these drivers are safe in almost every trip they take, it only takes one instance of being distracted at the wrong time to cause a deadly crash. The man who lost his daughter is all too aware of this harsh reality, but hopefully teens who listen to his presentation will also learn this lesson before they make driving choices that result in them hurting themselves or others.

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