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Bicycle Accident In Philadelphia Reminds Drivers to Safely Share the Road

Nov 2013
By: Flager & Associates

In late October, a bicycle accident occurred in Philadelphia along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. A 52-year-old bike rider was hit by a car and sustained serious injuries necessitating transport to the hospital. The bike crash was one of many that happen in the city each year, but attracted attention because Mayor Nutter was alerted to the accident by an aide who saw the crash. According to CBS Local Philadelphia, the mayor stopped and rendered aid to the accident victim, remaining at the crash scene until medical help arrived.

The fact that the mayor was involved and the bike accident widely publicized is a very good thing, as it reminds motorists that they need to be careful of bicycle riders even in the winter months as the weather grows cooler. While any bicycle accident lawyer in Delaware Valley knows that bike accidents are especially likely to happen in the summer since more people ride, the winter can be dangerous for bikers as well.  In fact, in some ways, the winter presents more of a risk to bikers because the roads are slippery, it gets darker earlier and drivers may not be paying attention to bikes because they don’t expect to see them in the cold.

Bicycle Accidents Still a Risk in Winter

Although many drivers assume they don’t need to worry about bikes in the winter, the truth is that many people commute via bicycle even during the winter months. Philadelphia makes it possible for motorists to do this (and also to walk if they wish to do so) because the city has a good environment for bicyclists. The Walk Score for Philadelphia is 76, while the Bike Score is 67. Philadelphia is described as a “very walkable” city because the majority of errands can be accomplished by someone who is on foot without a vehicle.

Philadelphia earned its walk score and bicycle safety score for more reasons than just proximity of amenities. described Philadelphia has having terrain as “flat as a pancake” and as having good bike lanes.   This is good news for bicycle riders, but of course as the recent accident shows, this doesn’t mean that there are no risks of getting hurt or killed in a crash.

Bike riders and motorists both must be careful to avoid high-risk behavior that could lead to a crash happening. Motorists, for example, must:

  • Be on the lookout for bicyclists, who may continue to ride throughout the winter.
  • Avoid encroaching on bicycle lanes and wait to pass a bicycle rider until there is plenty of room and it is safe to do so.
  • Yield the right-of-way to bike riders, who are entitled to the same respect as any other driver on the road.

Bicycle riders, to do their part to avoid accidents, should wear brightly colored clothing; understand that visibility may be reduced in the winter; should obey the rules of the road; and should try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road or making a turn to ensure that the motorists see them.

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Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Discuss Year-End Accident Risks

Oct 2012
By: Flager & Associates

The National Safety Council reports the country is already on pace to outpace the number of serious and fatal car accidents reported last year. Through August, a total of 21,560 motorists were killed, compared to 20,200 for the same period last year.

In Pennsylvania, deaths are up sharply: from 791 last year to 870 this year. New York’s report is no better: 696 this year, compared to 613 last year. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers expect those dangers to increase as we head through the remainder of the year and the year-end holiday season.

The estimated cost of motor-vehicle deaths, injuries and property damages through August was $157 billion. In 2o1o, nearly 33,000 people were killed and more than 2.2 million were injured in a total of almost 5.5 million auto accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Autumn, and the trio of year-end holidays, is typically the deadliest time of the year for a host of reasons:

Daylight Savings Time: The clock change puts many of us making the afternoon commute at dusk, or even after dark. Thus, the risks increase for drowsy driving accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Drunk Driving: The link between football and drunk driving is not a tenuous one. The two go hand-in-hand. Add to that the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and just shake and stir for disaster. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports more than 10,000 motorists each year are killed in an accident involving a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs — accounting for one-third of all traffic fatalities nationwide.

Deer: These accidents are no laughing matter. State Farm Insurance reports more than 1 million of these crashes occur each year, claiming at least 200 lives on average. The most serious injuries typically occur when a driver loses control of the vehicle and drives off the road or into oncoming traffic. More than 115,000 deer accidents in Pennsylvania occur each year. That’s more than anywhere else in the nation.

Pedestrian Accidents: From back-to-school to Halloween and the busy holiday shopping season, the end of the year is a dangerous time for pedestrian accidents, including those that occur in parking lots or in school zones.

Aggressive Driving: We are all aware of the risk of some lunatic wielding a crossbow on the Interstate. But the truth of the matter is that most of us are guilty of milder forms of aggressive driving, which are nonetheless increasing our risk of being involved in an accident. The busy holiday season and the onset of winter driving can increase both frustration and risk. Speeding, sudden lane changes, tailgating, failure to obey traffic control devices and driving too fast for conditions are all examples of aggressive driving.

Winter Weather: Do yourself a favor. Make an appointment to get your car serviced. Check your tires, your radiator and your battery. Put a set of jumper cables, an ice scraper, and some emergency supplies in your trunk. Being prepared for bad weather can also reduce your risks of an accident.

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Flager & Associates is a Pennsylvania Law Firm. We cover cases across Philadelphia, Yardley, Bristol, Bensalem and Levittown/ Fairless Hills. Most of the cases we cover are auto accidents, slip and fall, and product liability related.

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Attention PA and NJ drivers Meet a distracted driving accident victim

Many of us have read in the news about a distracted driving accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. But how many of you personally know someone who has been in a serious car crash caused by someone texting while driving?

Meet Amanda Kloehr. A 24-year-old Enola, Pennsylvania, resident, she almost died when she slammed her car into the back of a tractor-trailer in June 2008. During a recent talk at Central Penn College in Summerdale, where Kloehr is a student, she told fellow classmates there about her distracted driving car accident.

“I do not remember the impact at all,” Kloehr told ABC 27 News. “I was distracted. I had my GPS and my cell phone.”

Kloehr’s face hit a forklift on the back of the trailer. “I had completely crushed the right side of my face,” she said. “The eye socket was crushed. The cheek, the jaw was fractured in four places.”

When Kloehr’s mother found out about the accident, she raced to the

hospital. When she first saw her daughter, Tina Wright didn’t recognize her.

“My knees buckled,” Wright said. “I wanted to feel her heartbeat to make sure she was still alive.”

What’s worse, the accident happened on Wright’s birthday. “I can’t imagine anything harder then putting my birthday on her tombstone, ” Wright recalled. “Thank God she is alive.”

Driver distraction was a factor in 11 percent of the 30,797 fatal accidents nationwide in 2009, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Don’t become another statistic. Stay focused and stay safe.

At the Flager & Associates law firm, our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers have dedicated their careers to working with people injured in an auto accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Distract driving accidents can be very frustrating. If the driver had been paying attention, none of this would have happened.

After an accident, you have many legal options available to you. Allow us to help you decide the best strategy for you, including whether to file a Pennsylvania auto accident lawsuit.

Amanda Kloehr got her life back on track after her distracted driving accident. Contact a Pennsylvania auto accident attorney who will work tirelessly to do the same for you. Contact Flager & Associates, Suite 280, 1210 Northbrook Drive, Trevose, PA 19053.

Flager & Associates is a Pennsylvania Law Firm. We cover cases across Philadelphia, Yardley, Bristol, Bensalem and Levittown/ Fairless Hills. Most of the cases we cover are auto accidents, slip and fall, and product liability related.

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